Thursday, May 16, 2013


After floundering around in my slacker diet experiment, I think I've observed something.  Simply taking garcinia cambogia isn't enough.  I've noticed feeling lighter & more results when I do these three things combined...

1)  Taking garcinia cambogia capsules 30 minutes before every meal/snack...  Sometimes I would even take 1 or 2 right before bed...

2)  Drinking water with 1 whole organic lemon squeezed in at least once a day

3)  Eating turmeric (which I always happen to eat with cauliflower & pepperjack cheese)

On a Taiwanese variety talk show, they were talking about how they take turmeric capsules and it shrinks the belly, gets rid of hangovers...  There's no question that turmeric has a ton of benefits.

I'm really good with my little routines when Honey is working for 7 days.  But as soon as he's off for 7 days, I forget to take capsules, I snack without taking capsules, I don't drink lemon water, I'm too lazy to make cauliflower with turmeric, etc etc etc...

Also, we made an offer on a house...  We offered $10,000 MORE than their full asking price and WE DIDN'T GET THE HOUSE.  Some other buyer beat us with "a much better offer" (according to the seller's agent).  What the fuck is going on, economy is tanking, we're in recession/depression, and people in this area are still eagerly throwing money at houses...  It's a total sellers' market right now.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

This One

Gosh I haaaaate house hunting...  It's such a pain in the ass.  The other house didn't work out.  It looked much worse in person once we finally got around to going to look at it.  But I found one tonight that might work out.  Please just let this be the one...

So while we were looking at one of the houses today (actually it was a small farm), there were yellow flowers all over the property.  Wyatt started picking them one by one and handing each one to me.  I made myself a little Mother's Day bouquet & my heart melted into fuzzy gaibei rainbows.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pretty Please

If there is an angel who matches people to houses, please match us up to this house...  

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Slacker Diet Update

After 3 days of taking garcinia cambogia, I lost a tiny bit over 3 pounds by doing NOTHING.  I ate exactly the same way...  Ate my meals very late...  Still ate a large meal right before bed...  Examples of crap that I ate:  Potato chips...  5 slices of cheese melted over cauliflower (right before bed)...  Peanuts...  Takeout food...  Potatoes...  Rice...  If the weight keeps coming off while I'm not trying at all (other than taking the effort to take the 2 capsules and drink a full glass of water and then WAIT 30 minutes before I eat...  Seriously this might be the best thing ever.  I read that there are possible side effects of headache or intestinal discomfort but I haven't felt anything.  I feel good, maybe even more energetic.  I'll post another update after more days pass.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Fruits Flowers Etc

Ok those damn gnats are even annoying me now.  What the hell can I do about them??  My friend said that I can spray a mixture of mild detergent plus water onto the soil of my houseplants.  But a lot of my plants are fruits that I plan to eat, so I wanna keep everything organic.  HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KILL BILLIONS OF GNATS THAT REPRODUCE LIKE CRAZY????

Trying out garcinia cambogia capsules!!!  You have to take 2 capsules 30 minutes before every meal.  And they help you lose weight (let's hope)!  I'd never heard of it.  My sis said Dr Oz recommended some kind of diet fruit extract.  My problems are that I eat a lot of carbs (rice, noodles, potatoes, french fries, bread, chips) because I don't eat meat.  And I eat all of my meals at night.  And then go to sleep a couple of hours after the last meal.  Whatever calories you eat & don't burn, your body turns them into FAT.  And garcinia cambogia stops your body from turning unused calories into FAT.  It forces your body to turn the calories into energy.  Not only that, I think they said it also improves your mood.  THANK YOU, BUDDHA.

Oh, and I stuck an organic lemon seed into a cup of soil.  It germinated!!!!!!  So now I have it under a fluorescent light all day long.  This is my very own lemon tree that I started from seed myself.  Very rewarding.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

48 Degrees

This chilly Spring is messing up my whole grand scheme.  I was expecting a sweltering hot Spring.  So now I have all these baby tropical trees and they're gonna wilt & die if it doesn't warm up...

I believe good citizens should have the right to arm themselves with guns.  Maybe we shouldn't be able to buy AK-47's.  But we should definitely be allowed to defend ourselves with handguns and shotguns. I'm in the process of exercising my right to bear arms.  If the bad guys have guns and the government has guns, then I should be able to have guns.  If anyone invades my home & wants to hurt my family, I should have a fair shot at defending ourselves.  I wish the world could be so happy & rainbow-bright that I never have the need...


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Trip to Venus

No matter how busy a woman/mommy is, she really needs to find time to spend with girlfriends.  Nothing like an evening out with girls to remind you of all kinds of things that you've forgotten to think about.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Botany Lab

Honey keeps asking me when I'm going to move all of my plants outside.  He's annoyed by all the little gnats that hover around his lusciously wavy hair.  They must be laying a million eggs a day.  There are hoards of dead gnats in front of the windows.  During the day, they all fly toward the sunlight hoping to get out.  But they can't get past the glass so they try endlessly until they just drop dead on the spot after they've expended their energy & lifespan.  What a life.

Right now, I have (in the house) an old Jasmine tree that I'm practicing "air layering" on, an aloe vera plant (that I plan to use as skincare), a tiny Jasmine Duke of Tuscany plant (which might not make it), 2 loquat trees, 1 Hong Kong guava tree, lucky bamboo, 1 pot of basil, a possibly dead fig tree, 2 clivia plants...  And some pots here & there of potting soil into which I've stuffed some random citrus seeds to see if they would germinate.  And I've got bamboo cuttings in a glass of water to see which types of cuttings will grow roots and which won't.  I also took a cutting off of the old Jasmine tree to see if I can make it grow roots in a pot.  I'm learning a lot.

Every time he asks, I just change the subject.  "When are you gonna move the plants outside?"  "My nose is so stuffed!!!"

What's the point of having plants if you move them all outside?  Plants clean/scrub the indoor air & improve air quality inside the house.  And I get to tweak on them day & night and learn how plants grow.

Some day, in a survival situation, I'm going to be the one who saves his life because I know how to grow things and he only knows how to complain about gnats.